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Video - Women in Construction

Julie Kulinski, Program Director for the Moore Community House Women in Construction Program, speaks about how going into the trades was not a message she was given when she was growing up in Mississippi, where women were trained for traditionally female jobs or outside the workforce altogether. She recounts how the recovery effort after Hurricane Katrina was so massive that it began to change cultural attitudes about construction and manufacturing job and who should be doing them. Julie went to the Gulf Coast in May of 2006 as a hurricane relief volunteer rebuilding homes affected by Hurricane Katrina. During this time, she led all-female crews in mold remediation work, demolition work, and all other types of residential construction. Julie’s experiences led her to the Women in Construction Program in 2008. She speaks about how a career in the trades has allowed her to earn a higher income and a higher quality of living, and how women working in the trades is good for women and good for the economy.

Credit: Julie Kuklinski at TEDxJackson Women

Date: 2016