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Land Acknowledgement

CCWESTT acknowledges that our greater science, engineering, trades and technology (or SETT) community is situated on the ceded and unceded traditional territories of First Nation, Inuit, and Métis peoples from coast to coast to coast in what is known as ‘Canada’. CCWESTT respects and affirms the inherent and Treaty Rights of all Indigenous Peoples and their relationships to these lands and will continue to honour the commitments to self-determination and sovereignty made to Indigenous Nations and Peoples. CCWESTT acknowledges the historical and present-day oppressions, including violence and genocide, of the original Peoples, their lands, and cultures. All must contribute to the healing and decolonizing journey we share together to grow our society. CCWESTT fervently believes SETT is enriched through collective relations and knowledge sharing and is committed to helping enhance and build these relations.

CCWESTT encourages its staff, volunteers, and program members to become knowledgeable of the lands they are situated on and to assist in long-term collective relationships. It is up to all of us to understand how the land has and continues to nourish, heal, protect, and embrace us and that we are each land stewards for the present and in the future. To learn more about the land you call home, visit