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Video - Technology Needs Women

Mona Badie, Chief Information Officer and Chief Digital Officer for GE Hitachi Nuclear, a $1 billion global business, and has a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. In this presentation, she advocates for having more women in STEM fields. She gives many examples of what happens unintentionally, when the people who design, engineer, and develop a technology or a product don't resemble the actual users of technology and the results were deadly. She also discusses how there is insufficient exposure of girls to technology at a young age, and how without realizing it, we have socialized pursuing a career in technology to be more attractive to men. It is important to build girls’ confidence so they can graduate with technology degrees and successfully work on engineering teams to design and develop products that accurately represent the end users of the products.

Credit: Mona Badie — TEDx Airlie

Date: 2019