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Video - Humanize Diversity and Inclusion

Damien Hooper-Campbell, the Chief Diversity Officer at the tech company eBay, gives an extremely well-received presentation that is thought-provoking and clarifying. He manages to humanize the discussion about equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), which is not always a fun conversation to have in most companies where many groups of workers are scared to discuss the topics. He has the audience members reflect on a personal experience when they each felt excluded. A few volunteers shared their deeply personal experiences and how these experiences made them feel. He encourages leaders to reflect on how workers feel when they are excluded in the workplace, and to get the information they need by having these kinds of conversations in the workplace. Find the opportunity in your business model. [This incredibly effective technique would be a great one to replicate in the workplace.]

Credit: Damien Hooper-Campbell

Date: 2018