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The Tallest Poppy 2023 Whitepaper - How the workforce is cutting ambitious women down

Whitepaper - The Tallest Poppy 2023 is the first international study of its kind that looks at thousands of working women from all demographics and professions to determine how their mental health, well-being, engagement, and performance are affected by interactions with their clients, colleagues, and leaders surrounding their success and accomplishments. The results are significant and should be heeded. Women’s success is under attack in workplaces around the world. The more accomplished an individual is, the more likely she’ll be to face aggressions, not only from those in positions of seniority, but also from her peers. The Tallest Poppy study reveals that TPS remains a significant issue in workplaces around the world and the results are detrimental to women and the organizations within which they work.

Credit:Women of Influence +, Dr. Rumeet Billan

Date: 2023