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STEM Moms Project Final Report - Is the transition to Motherhood correlated to the issue of retention for mid-career Women in STEM?

The STEM Moms Project was a year long focus group to understand the complexities of layering the ‘Women in STEM’ group on top of the ‘Working Parent’ group; to understand the challenges within this intersection, why they exist and how Motherhood is a contributing factor to the issue of midcareer Women leaving STEM professions. This project has confirmed through the fifteen group discussions that working Motherhood in male dominated professions is an incredibly difficult challenge. There are Women who have left the professions, those who are finding it difficult to re-enter the professions following a career pause, some who struggle with the day to day and others who are thriving. Based on this analysis The STEM Moms Project has identified 3 recommendations for support towards improving the retention of Mothers in STEM professions and by extension Women in STEM.

Credit: Julie Hawco, P.Eng

Date: 2023

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