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National Childcare Program: Making Childcare Accessible for Canada’s Skilled Tradespeople

Canada’s Building Trades Unions represent over half a million skilled trades workers across the country, who are employed in building and maintaining critical infrastructure in Canada – many of whom are parents. In the construction sector, job duration, work site location and start and end times change for a variety of reasons, from construction cycles to seasonality. A worker is employed on a job until the project is complete and then may take a job elsewhere; inclement weather may shut down a job site for a day, resulting in no work and no pay. What this means for parents is they need flexible, affordable childcare options that allow them to go to work and build our roads, bridges, hospitals and green energy infrastructure knowing their child(ren) are being taken care of by qualified childcare professionals.

Credit: Canada’s Building Trades Unions

Date: 2021

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