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Manual for the application of gender mainstreaming within the Belgian federal administration

After the Belgian Parliament passed a law on 12 January 2007, aimed at implementing gender mainstreaming at the Belgian federal level, the Institute for the Equality of Women and Men wrote this manual for federal service agents, members of strategic units, and federal representatives to help them facilitate the application of the Law on Gender Mainstreaming. The manual explains the different issues at stake in gender mainstreaming and its application and provides useful examples and recommendations. Gender mainstreaming is a specific strategy whose ambition is to strengthen the equality of women and men in society by making sure that all the steps in the political process – design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation – take the gender perspective into account, that is, the socio-economic differences that exist among men and women.


  • Annie Cornet, Anne-Marie Dieu and Véronique Tshiamalenge (EGiD), in collaboration with Ariane Dierickx and Els Flour (Amazone)
  • Institute for the Equality of Women and Men

Date: 2011

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