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Iceland - Act on Equal Status and Equal Rights Irrespective of Gender

The objective of the Act on Equal Status and Equal Rights Irrespective of Gender, No. 150/2020  is to prevent discrimination on the basis of gender and to maintain gender equality and equal opportunities for the genders in all spheres of society. Upon enactment, this legislation created a legal obligation for companies and institutions with 25 or more employees to create a gender equality plan which contains a statement of objectives and a plan for how these objectives are to be achieved in order to guarantee the employee rights set out in Articles 6-14 of the Act. Companies and institutions must provide the Directorate of Equality with a copy of their gender equality plan, or their personnel policy if they do not have a gender equality plan, together with their implementation plan when the Directorate of Equality so requests. A gender equality plan is considered to have taken effect when the Directorate of Equality has approved it. There is also a legal obligation for all gender equality plans and gender equality perspectives in personnel policies to be reviewed every three years and, if requested, to submit a progress report to the Directorate of Equality.

Credit: Government of Iceland

Date: 2020

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