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A Sustainable Jobs Blueprint Part II: Putting workers and communities at the centre of Canada’s net-zero energy economy

Technical solutions to energy transition are only possible if we have workers and communities that are ready and trained to do the work. Given the scale of the changes needed, that won’t happen without careful planning and governments working closely with industry, workers, and communities. To develop the report, we consulted with workers in sectors that may be impacted by the energy transition, as well as union representatives and other experts. We captured their concerns and needs for the energy transition.   The resulting report highlights the actions, investments, and leadership that the Government of Canada needs to demonstrate to support workers and grasp the opportunity of the energy transition. It also finds these actions span several policy areas and jurisdictions and that provinces and territories have a significant role to play.

Credit: Megan Gordon, Alex Callahan with the Pembina Institute

Date: 2023

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