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2022 Industry Report: Pathways to Board Work for Women and Gender Diverse People: Understanding Experiences and Barriers

This research aimed to explore the diverse viewpoints of women and gender diverse individuals and capture the broad array of board experiences, aspirations, barriers, and training needed on their path to board work. This research is unique in two ways:
1. It speaks directly to women and gender diverse people to capture the nuance and challenges in their board journeys. To date, most research has focused on analyzing limited, corporate disclosure information to understand trends in gender representation on boards.
2. It speaks to women and gender diverse people along the continuum of board experience, including those with extensive board experience to those with board ambition but little to no board experience. Given the often cumulative nature of board experience, it is critical to understand the challenges women and gender diverse people navigate throughout the board pipeline, including the front end, where talent
is grown and developed.

Credit: Mount Royal University, Direct Her Network

Date: 2022