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2011-2020 - European Pact for Gender Equality

This is the formal adoption of a renewed European Pact for Gender Equality (as set out in the Annex), five years after the adoption of the first European Pact for Gender Equality. In this renewed Pact, the Council reaffirms its commitment to fufill EU ambitions on gender equality and urges a list of 12 specific actions at the member-state level to close gender gaps and combat gender segregation in the labour market, to promote better work-life balance for women and men, and to tackle all forms of violence against women. The Pact also points out the critical role of men and boys in the promotion of gender equality and the importance of collecting statistics disaggregated by sex and to fully utilise the capacities of the European Institute for Gender Equality.

Credit: Official Journal of the European Union

Date: 2011

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