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Conference Program Committee

Call for Volunteers

2024 CCWESTT Conference Program Committee

Call for Volunteers

CCWESTT is seeking volunteers for the 2024 CCWESTT Conference Program Committee. Volunteers in this committee can be located anywhere in Canada.


Key Roles: 

  • Participate in the review and selection of abstracts for the conference program. Please refer to the draft Evaluation Rubric to understand the abstract evaluation process.
  • Help finalize the agenda for each conference day (e.g. the recruitment of Keynote speakers) 
  • Help identify programming needs as relevant 
  • Attend regular status meetings with the program committee as needed
  • Approx. 1 – 4 hours per week (time will vary each week and may be higher after the abstract submission deadline of November 19, 2023)


Note: Committee work will be guided by Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA+). All volunteers must take the online introductory GBA+ training before joining the committee. 


Apply here


If interested, please complete this form by Nov 12, 2023


Stay tuned: there will be more opportunities to get involved in conference committees including:

  • Promotions and Awareness Team
  • Policy Forum Planning Team
  • Sponsorship Team
  • Onsite Team Member – Usher
  • Onsite Team Member – Registration / Info Desk
  • Onsite Team Member – Speaker liaison